ericfishEric Fish first moved to China in 2007 as a recent college grad. In the southern city of Nanjing, he taught Chinese university students for three years and from there went on to get his Master’s degree in journalism at Tsinghua University. Through his time both on the teaching and studying ends of Chinese academia, he became drawn to the stories of young Chinese who were coming of age as their country transitioned from the boom years to the post-Olympic, post-recession slowdown.

As a journalist, he’s focused on education, politics, and social issues as they relate to Chinese youth. In Beijing he worked for the Chinese newspaper Economic Observer and co-hosted the China Hang-up podcast and later at Asia Society in New York hosted the Asia In-Depth podcast. His work has also appeared in numerous publications including Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, The Telegraph, and The Diplomat. He is currently writing his second book, which focuses on Chinese students studying in American universities.